The most common foot problems

Because we humans walk upright all the weight of our body is supported ultimately by only two feet rather than four as with many other animal species. It is hardly surprising then that our feet can develop problems although many of them can certainly be prevented.* If we take the common problem of bunions as an example; these can certainly be prevented by wearing shoes that are properly fitting and not too constricting. It is the squashing up of the toes by pointed shoes which accounts for most bunions by forcing the big toe over at an unnatural angle. This can lead to localized inflammation and the formation of a callous or a bony spur.* High heels can cause a strain on ankle joints and ligaments and are sometimes associated with Achilles tendonitis where the long tendon connecting the calf muscles to the rear of the foot becomes inflamed and painful. This condition can sometimes develop in people with fallen arches, i.e. lack of correct natural support for the foot, or can be a result of over-pronation when walking or running. Sometimes tendonitis results from repeated minor injuries as a result of running on hard surfaces over a period of time, and without the tendon being given a chance to recover. Certainly we should buy shoes with comfort rather than fashion in mind and it seems incredibly silly for women to buy shoes that can actually cause disability. More information on Achilles tendonitis can be found on a good


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