Orthotic insoles for Diabetes

Today, diabetes has come to be among the most common problems! If the world should know the devastation that this disease can produce high blood sugar and pre diabetic states should be treated more carefully and would not get into complications such as neuropathy or even blindness! Over 60 % of people with diabetes wear shoes of the wrong size, thereby exposing themselves to serious complications in the legs, which could lead to their amputation , according to a new study. *According to the study of ulcers appeared after wearing inappropriate shoes can have serious implications for those who suffer from diabetes, and a lower quality of life, increased risk of amputation and even sudden death . In the study, 100 patients aged between 24 and 89 years volunteered at a number of exams that were measured feet and worn shoes. It was found that 63 % of patients were wearing the wrong size shoes that were either too broad or too narrow. *It calls for an expanded level approach to this problem and urged footwear manufacturers to develop standard measures, especially for people who do not feel very good feet and runs the risk of choosing the wrong shoes. The World Health Organization recently announced that the number of people with diabetes could double to 366 million by 2030 and that 80 % of cases of amputations due to diabetes could be prevented by the adoption of specific measures.


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