Heel Spurs Explained

Heel spur or calcaneal spur is one of the primary reasons behind the most common type of heel pain faced by many people across the world. It is an abnormal sharp bony growth observed by many people at their heel bone. The heel bone or Calcaneus is the longest bone that provides support to our feet and acts like shock absorbers but the extra bony outgrowth disturbs the biomechanical function of our foot.* Heel spur in itself is not the reason behind the heel pain but the actual reason is the inflammation of plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is the tissue band present under the foot, starting from under the toe and extending up to the heel bone. The inflammation of plantar fascia is the real cause of foot pain because the sharp bony outgrowth at the heel bone puts an excessive pressure at the point of its joint under the heel.* You can


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